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Langridge Handmade Oil Paints are made to excel in saturation of colour and physical handling qualities for unequalled performance.

Developed in consultation with artists to satisfy demands for oil colours unadulterated by fillers or modifiers, these pure full-strength paints have maximum pigment loading resulting in extremely clean colour-mixing.

Built to reflect the intense colour and light of Australia they are the world’s first oil paint.

Main features of Langridge Handmade Oil Paints:

  • Highest Professional Quality - Langridge Handmade Oil Colours are handmade in small batches to ensure the highest professional quality.
  • High Pigment Load - The finest pigments and a high concentration of linseed oil ensures that your colours have the highest possible pigment load. This means you can achieve a higher tinting strength with less paint, which helps keep your costs down.
  • Exceptional Cover - Our semi-transparent colours offer exceptional covering power for maximum colour intensity when used on top of white or off-white grounds.

You can create your own unique colours that will stand out from others because these handmade oils come without fillers or modifiers, so it has an unparalleled purity and strength which allows you to mix more vibrant colours than ever before!

  • Application: Painting
  • Product Type: Tube
  • Size: 40ml
  • Colour Range: 72 colours

We know once you try them out, there is no going back! They also allow artists to work faster since they dry quickly after application allowing artists more time on their paintings while still maintaining high quality results. The possibilities are endless when working with these amazing oil paints!

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Brand: Langridge

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Unbleached Titanium - S1 / 110ml

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Red Oxide - S1 / 40ml

Raw Umber - S2 / 40ml


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