Daler Rowney - Georgian Oil Colours

Daler Rowney - Georgian Oil Colours

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Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Paints are the perfect choice. They’re traditionally crafted and triple-milled in England, so you can be sure they provide colour consistency from wet to dry and even performance and finish across all colours.

Due to their careful formulation, Georgian Oil Colours generally require very limited quantities of mediums so can be used freely straight from the tube allowing the artist to concentrate on spontaneous creativity.

Main features of Georgian Oil Colours:

  • High pigment loads - The highest pigment load of any oil colour available, making it ideal for the creation of bold, expressive paintings.
  • Permanent and brilliant colour - Georgian Oil Colours are permanent, lightfast and brilliant in colour. They can be mixed with other colours to produce a wide range of shades and tints which retain their brilliance when applied over underpainting layers
  • Smooth and buttery - Due to their formulation process, Georgian Oil Colours have a smooth buttery consistency that is easy to apply and blend on the palette. This allows artists to create spontaneous brushstrokes without fear of dragging or losing paint from the brush into unwanted areas.

Colours are intermixable and consistent from wet to dry. 24 single pigment colours and 31 opaque or semi-opaque colours. All colours are rated as Permanent or Normally Permanent. Easy mixing with mediums provides endless creative possibilities.

  • Application: Painting
  • Product Type: Tube
  • Size: 38ml
  • Colour Range: 54 colours

You won’t find another brand like it on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life!


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Brand: Daler Rowney

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