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Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paints are viscous and have thick buttery consistency which looks exactly like oil paints. If you are an artist and love texture and impasto then you must experience heavy body acrylic paints from Liquitex .

They have an ability to retain brushwork and knife work once they are dried. Coupled with outstanding lightfastness and no cracking, these paints are great for any artist.

What makes Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic different:

  • Rich pigments: The heavy body acrylic paint is rich in pigments which are perfect for texture and impasto
  • No crack and chip: The acrylics have smooth rich texture that it is easily applied on canvas and once dried, it leaves no cracks and chips
  • Trustworthy brand name: The acrylics are manufactured by trustworthy brand which has been producing and inventing colors for many years hence, quality is never compromised

Due to viscous texture of heavy body acrylics, it’s every artist’s choice! Rich in pigments, it creates beautiful colors and a must-have for your kit.

  • Application: Acrylic Painting
  • Size: 59ml
  • Product Type: Tube
  • Colour Range: 90 Colours

With a wide range of 90 color shades, these paints are thick in texture and have rich pigments which leaves no crack or chips after its application. Each color is unique and beautiful and create a versatile painting experience for artists.

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Category: Acrylic, Art, Paints

Type: Paints & Mediums

Brand: Liquitex

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