Langridge Cold Pressed Safflower Oil - 100ml

Langridge Cold Pressed Safflower Oil - 100ml


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Langridge Cold Pressed Safflower Oil may be used for the grinding of oil colours. It may also be added to oil colours and oil mediums at the discretion of the artist.

Safflower Oil is used extensively for grinding pale pigments because of its very light colour that will alter minimally the colour of the resulting milled oil paint. It is considered, alongside poppy, to be the most desirable drying oil for making white, blue and other pale coloured oil paints. Paint films using Safflower Oil yellow very minimally with age.

As a medium, Langridge Cold Pressed Safflower Oil adds a loose, slippery quality when added to oil colours. Safflower Oil however, does not dry to as tough a final film as linseed and the use of safflower should be kept to a minimum as a medium to aid fluidity or transparency. Use sparingly, and if wishing to employ glazes or washes Langridge recommends the use of Stand Oil, a virtually non-yellowing oil which dries to a tougher, more resilient film than safflower, as the basis for Painting Mediums.

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Category: Art, Mediums, Oil

Type: Paints & Mediums

Brand: Langridge

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