BLACKWING - Graphite Pencils - Volume 93 - Pack of 12

BLACKWING - Graphite Pencils - Volume 93 - Pack of 12


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In full nun's habit, Corita Kent was an unlikely figure in the pop art movement. Having taught art in a convent school since the late '40s, Corita created colourful screen-print designs for more than a decade before an Andy Warhol exhibition changed the way she saw the world. Taking pop art's obsession with mass-produced commercial designs into her own work, Corita subverted advertising slogans and promotional typography to create striking pieces that advocated for peace, compassion and social justice.

She shared that fresh perspective with her students, sending them out to view the world through a piece of paper with a square cut out. The intention was to force them to slow down, and see familiar things with fresh eyes. Those teaching methods made her an odd and occasionally provocative figure within the church, but now, decades after her death, art experts have begun to recognise her inspiring and influential work.

Her largest and most visible work is an untitled piece known as Rainbow Swash – a series of six brushstrokes, laid out in a dazzling rainbow over a 140-foot-tall natural gas storage tank beside Interstate 93 in Boston. It's this striking image that forms the inspiration Blackwing's Volume 93, which pays tribute to Corita as an artist, educator and social justice advocate.

The set of 12 pencils features Rainbow Swash's vibrant slashes of colour, with 2 pencils sporting each of the original's six colours. The pencils are topped off with a matching white ferrule and white eraser.

INCLUDES: Set of 12 pencils


SIZE: 20.5cm long; 0.75cm barrel diameter

SUITS: drawing

FEATURES: white ferrule and matching white replaceable eraser; made with an incense-cedar barrel and graphite formulation lead.


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