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Sennelier Oil Stick Test Pack - 6 Sticks


Sennelier Paint Sticks in Stand Perhaps the creamiest of all of the paint sticks, Sennelier sticks are made from the finest selected pure pigments, mineral waxes and vegetable oils. Now well recognised for their superior working ability and softer consistency, plus fast 2-day drying time. Each stick is shrink-plastic wrapped for instant freshness when opened, ready to us. Available in an extensive 55 colour range, which includes copper silver and gold metallics. The diameter is 20mm with an overall volume of 38ml. Colours are arranged in three categories, with earth colours in Series 1, mid-range colours in Series 2 and cadmium colours in Series 3.

Note: Paint sticks are now used extensively for encaustic painting; simply slice off required piece of stick and drop into warmed encaustic medium.

Test Pack includes:

116 S1 - Titanium White

574 S1 - Primary Yellow

686 S3 - Primary Red

307 S3 - Cobalt Blue

813 S2 - Olive Green

755 S1 - Ivory Black

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