Pal Tiya 20kg

Pal Tiya Premium is a new All-Weather Sculpting Material. De- veloped by artists for artists. It's easy to use, tough, and you don't have to re it in a kiln.

To use, you just add water, mix it, knead it, sculpt it.

Pal Tiya is very strong. This means your sculptures don't have to be solid. You can sculpt it over a 'crushed tinfoil core'. Each batch of Pal Tiya Premium has a two hour working time. You can continuously add to your sculptures over time as you need. Each additional layer permanently bonding to the last one. Pal Tiya Premium 'cures' somewhat like cement does, and is speci cally designed to be permanent for the outdoors.

Pal Tiya Premium cures over several days to a stone-like hardness, as long as it is kept damp to wet. By day two you can carve it, grind it and chisel it.
By day six it is nearing its full cure (70%).
The longer you let it cure the stronger it is.

By day 28 you will have 100% cure which is between 7 and 13 times stronger than cement.

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Category: Air Drying Clay, Clay

Type: Ceramics




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